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Is the air you breathe in your home clean? Good chances are it’s not as high quality as you think. According to the EPA, Americans spend an average of nearly 90 percent of their time indoors, where some pollutants are up to 5 times higher than outside.

Pathogens, dust, mold, pollen, and other pollutants float in the air or stick to surfaces and follow us home, causing everything from illness to irritation and allergy symptoms. Our homes soak up odors, like pet odor, cigarette smoke, paint fumes, mold smells, and burnt food. Dirt and other debris build up in our HVAC system's filter and damage the coils and blower that keep it running effectively.

With so much time spent indoors, there’s a lot to gain when you improve your indoor air quality with solutions like whole-house or portable air purifiers. You can expect better sleep, fewer allergies and other respiratory issues, better health, a cleaner home, a longer-lasting HVAC system, no more lingering odors (making it easier to live in, sell, or rent), and lower utilities—just to name a few.

Schedule a free consultation today. Call or text us, or submit your request in the form below. We’d love to hear about the unique needs of your home and walk you through the ins and outs of indoor air quality so that you can make the best choice for your family.

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Whole House Air Purifiers

Easily clean the air for your entire home with an in-duct, whole-home air purifier—no maintenance or cleaning needed.

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Portable Air Purifiers

Improve your indoor air quality for up to 3,000 sqft. with a portable yet robust room air purifier.

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Regular System Maintenance

Keep dirt and debris from building up in your HVAC’s filter with regular maintenance.

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